Topic outline

  • The Judging Process

    Preliminary Judging: Written Submissions

    All applications are reviewed in early December and evaluated by a team of preliminary judges from a cross-section of local business organizations. Scores are awarded for each of the criteria, and the individual judges’ scores are averaged.

    The top two ranked companies for each award category will be considered finalists and will be visited by a team of finalist judges in early January.  For our Business of the Year categories (small & medium), the top four companies are considered finalists.

    All nominees submitting an application, will be listed on the Chamber website and in the ‘Voice of Business’, the London Chamber of Commerce's section of 'Business London' monthly magazine.

    All finalists will be notified of their status by the award coordinator before the end of December. The BAA nominees that make it through to the 2nd stage will be required to participate in all media coverage of the awards and attend the finalist presentation scheduled in early February.  For site tour and other dates, please refer to the section in the application form.

    Please note that the London Chamber of Commerce is strongly committed to protecting the confidential nature of all information included in the nomination package, scoring process and information shared during the site tours.

    Finalist Judging: Site Visits

    For all the nominees going on to the next stage as finalists, congratulations!  

    Site tour dates were provided in the application form.  Please pencil in the date and make sure that you and/or your key staff will be available!

    Late December, the award coordinator will be in touch to let you know what time to expect the judges.  Please refer to the site tour guidelines provided in the application to help you organize & plan for the visit. Plan ahead how you want to organize your time for the site visit. The judges will also be asking questions, so make sure everyone on your team knows their stuff!

    Remember... this is your chance to WOW the judges and show them why your company is deserving of the award!


    AWARD RECIPIENT ANNOUNCEMENT: The award recipients in each category will be announced at the Business Awards Gala on Wednesday March 25th, 2020.


    A couple weeks prior to the gala, the chamber will be forwarding the list of all the award finalist representatives.  This list of names is used by Wizards of Video to call up the award recipients should your company be chosen. Prior to the event, if there are any changes to your company representative, please inform Julia at the Chamber.  If there are any last minute changes the day of the event, please notify the Wizards staff at the tech booth of the revision.