Everything you need to know about our judging process

Preliminary Judging: Written Submissions

All applications will be reviewed in early June and evaluated by a team of preliminary judges from a cross-section of local business organizations. The two top-ranked companies in each category will be considered finalists.

Once the results are tallied, the top two nominees for each award move on to become finalists. In the Business of the Year categories, the top four nominees move on to become finalists.  

London Chamber of Commerce is strongly committed to protecting the confidential nature of all information included in the nomination package, scoring process and information shared during the site tours.

All nominees submitting an application will be listed on the Chamber website and in the "Voice of Business", the London Chamber of Commerce's section of 'Business London' magazine.

Finalist Judging: Site Visits

All finalists  will be notified of their status by the award coordinator after the preliminary judging has been completed.  

At this time, the coordinator will explain what will be expected during the site visit and will notify each finalist the date and time that the team of judges will be arriving.  The site tour date will be scheduled between June 21-30, 2021. Please make sure that you and or your key staff will be available!

Remember to demonstrate the points you made in your submission. The judges will have reviewed the submission, but everyone starts with a zero score. 

Plan ahead to organize your time for the site visit. The judges will also be asking questions, so make sure everyone on your team knows their stuff!

Remember... this is your chance to WOW the judges and show them how great you are!

Last modified: Wednesday, 20 January 2021, 7:26 PM