Business of the Year - Large Company (50 & up employees)

London Chamber Business Achievement Awards | London Chamber of Commerce


The London Chamber of Commerce has been recognizing local companies for overall business excellence since 1984 with the Business Achievement Award program. Over the years, while other awards have been added that focus on specific areas of excellence, this award recognizes overall excellence. They are presented annually to private sector companies whose business achievements have made an outstanding contribution to the London community. The award will be presented to one large business (50+ employees).


To be eligible, the nominated business must have been operating for at least 1 fiscal year in the London area.

Recipients of this award in the last 5 years (in the same category), Business Achievement Award sponsors, task force members, institutional facilities, and non-profit organizations are not eligible.

Criterion Weight
Business Achievements 50.0%
People and Culture 25.0%
Building a Stronger Community 25.0%